Sims 2 Mods

Hey guys how’s it goin! If you’re on this page you’re very much like me and are fascinated with mods to help make the game play for the Sims 2 more useful, helpful and of course interesting! This page will forever be an ongoing project as long as there are still people interested in developing or updating mods for the Sims 2.

Because their are so many mods they will all be categorized by a dozen or so different page categories and eventually there will be a page dedicated to mod capability so you can know for certain which mods are guaranteed to work with each other.

As always putting modified content into your game can be tricky so please do run a compatibility check when loading mods and before starting your game! Some of the mods from Boiling Oil (BO) specifically states that conflict detection will appear when running compatibility with his mods and this is normal/not a conflict.

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Protect Your Game- Hack Conflict Detection Utility
Whenever you download mods, always make sure to run them with HCDU. It’s not a perfect system, sometimes the program will say mods will conflict with each other but really don’t but it’s still a good idea to run when installing new mods.
– If You have the UC (Ultimate Collection) You
HAVE to change the file name in your Documents Folder>EA>The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection to just The Sims 2 for the program to work. Change the folder name back when you’re done.

P.S. This page would not be possible without the tireless people who create the mods but also the numerous people who help keep them alive through sharing. Thank you to all my friends who have suggested or help me find mods for this page. You are the real MVP's!