Social Mods

1.) Less Bust A Move– Great mod, adds extra realistic expectations for a Sim to beable to “bust a move”

2.) No Moaning Till Desperate– This is a great mod but be careful, if you already don’t pay attention to your Sims needs this could possibly kill your Sim. But at least in a less annoying way.

3.) More No Dancing In Silence– Sims can’t slow dance or classic dance unless there is a stereo present. Also fixes the bug that prevented elders and adults from classic dancing with each other.

4.) Welcome Wagon Hacks– Two versions available, both included in the zip. One gives a dialog asking if you’d like a welcome wagon or not, the other completely disables the welcome wagon from appearing.

5.) Social Sanity Fixes– Nerfs, but does not nuke the following social interactions, but only for autonomous actions by sims: Appreciate, Admire, Entertain, Dirty Joke, Play Punch You Punch Me, and Hug. Friendly Hug to make sims less stupid about choosing them. See readme for details of the changes.

6.) Less Call to Chat/Invite Over Spam

7.) Unlimited Sims– Removes the 8 Max Sims on lot.

8.) A Collection of 13 No Incoming Call Hacks -13 scenario’s of random social calls you can get from the headmaster of your school w/bad grades to your boss’s wife is coming over for dinner!Oh no!

9.) Influence Talk Fix– Apartment Life introduced a glitch that makes the Influence>Talk social not work properly. When Sim A influences Sim B to Talk to Sim C, the game checks all social interactions that have the Selector Category 12 and Selector Sub-Category 9. These categories are there so that the game picks a Talk interaction that is valid during an Influence social. However, the person who made the OBJDs for the Apartment Life Complain about Noise/Smell interactions set their Selector Category to 12 and Selector Sub-Category to 9 as well, which then allows influenced sims to perform these interactions. This is a pretty annoying glitch. When the game picks the Complain about Noise/Smell social during an Influence interaction, Sim C complains to Sim B, and then Sim B routes back to where they were first influenced, and the game throws a “Reference to tree tree parameter when no parameter exists” error.

10.) STR – LTR Change Mod– This mod changes the short-term and long-term relationship decay. It does not affect the relationship points gained and lost from direct socials, all it affects is how the game decays relationships. Maxis made making friends and keeping them very easy in this game. The Lifetime Wants such as “Make 20 Best Friends” and so on are some of the easiest. All you need to do is find a Sim and keep pressing “Chat” over and over again until STR is 100, and then you can forget about that sim. After around 5 days, you’ll see that your LTR with that sim is above 50, now all you need to do is give them a call and all of a sudden you are Best Friends.

11.) Hangout After Work– Want some new variety in your game ? Want give your sims chances to hanging out with their co-workers after their long and hard working time ? Then try this mod in your game.

12.) More Walkbys + Car Passbys– Change walkby behavior from game’s default 5 times a day into every hour by a chance in the specific interval.

13.) Inside Joke for Best Friends

14.) Phae’s Phone Book- Look Up Neighbors’ Numbers!– A great way to call people you haven’t met yet.

15.) Unselectable Sim’s Motives Viewer– “Will automatically fix or max of an unselected sim needs if it’s lower than 25%” to lower than 50%. It’s good for your employee.

16.) Monique’s Relationship (STR) Decay Hack– Decays by 2 points everyday by 4pm

17.) Visitors Stays Longer hack– Changes the hours when Sims would normally stay at your lot.

18.) Bring friends home more often– The probability a sim brings friends home from work or school depends on his/her personality and a fixed probability value.
If the sim is 0 or 1 points shy, will almost never bring friends home, and the overall probability is not very high (25% from work and 35% from school).

19.) BFF Memory Text Fix– Are you as sick of the multitude of “Made first BFF” memories as I am? I don’t mind them making BFFs, just the fact that they are all the first.
This package alters the text that shows for the memory.

20.) Fewer Dirty Jokes– Only playful or outgoing sims will autonomously tell dirty jokes. Player can still direct sims to tell dirty jokes if the other social tests succeed (such as relationship score).

21.) Fewer Failed Socials– Fewer failures for autonomous social actions.

22.) Fragile BFF– Sims who become enemies lose BFF status. This will clear BFF when sims become enemies. It won’t help sims who are already both enemies and BFFs. It looks like this was EA’s intention but their coding is strange and doesn’t appear to actually do anything to clear the BFF flag.

23.) Just Leave Already– Eliminates the “feature” of AL which caused guests pester your playable sims to say goodbye. Guests will now just leave.

24.) Night Calling– Allows a larger variety of sims to be called at night. This mod makes a number of assumptions about sleeping habits. All sims sleep for 6 hours. Sims are assumed to go to sleep at midnight, with two exceptions. If a sim’s job starts between midnight and 9 am, that sim goes to bed 9 hours before the start of the shift. If a sim’s job ends between midnight and 9 am, the sim goes to bed as soon as the shift ends.

25.) No Auto Talk Through– Prevents sims from autonomously using “talk through” with stuffed animals. Unlike other versions of this I’ve seen, it should work with all stuffed animals (including cloned ones) not just the teddy bear.

26.) No Random Calls– Reduces the massive spam of incoming phone calls from random idiots who keep interrupting play.

  • “Strangers” prevents people you barely know from calling just to chat. Works on both townies and downtownies.
  • “Contacts” stops calls from people you’ve never even met, who call just because you have a mutual friend.
  • “DatesOutings” puts an end to calls from people wanting these activities, both the “Dude, you seem cool, wanna go downtown?” variety and the “I had such a wonderful time last night. Let’s do it again!” variety.
  • “Subscriptions” drops the axe on the hordes of magazine telemarketers introduced in FreeTime. Yeah because we don’t get enough telemarketers in real life, Eaxis – we want them in our computer games as well.

27.) No Visitor Chores– Prevents visitors from doing chores around your house. Doesn’t prevent you from influencing visitors to work.

28.) Reputation New Friend Fix– Fixes a reputation rewards bug where the game overwrites a variable, potentially befriending sims like Baby New Year.

29.) Shorter Jokes– Sims tell shorter jokes. This mod causes sims to go through 2 conversation cycles instead of 3 when telling jokes, significantly shortening the interaction. Sims still laugh too long, which may get addressed in a future version.

30.) Social Push Tweaks– Prevents certain social actions from pushing commands on the target right away, messing up stacked social commands. When you try to stack a bunch of social commands sometimes the target becomes stuck. This is because sometimes the game pushes the action on the target right away rather than when the command comes up in the initiating sim’s command queue. So let’s say you give the commands Gossip, Joke, Friendly Hug, Dance Together. Both sims would stand there doing nothing. This is because the game pushes Dance Together immediately so Sim A is trying to Gossip but Sim B is trying to Dance Together. This mod prevents social actions from jumping the queue and blocking commands. This version covers Dance Together and Dirty Joke. A future version will add Water Balloon and Snowball Fights, as well as other commands.

31.) Talk…/Chat is Never a Negative Social– Self explanatory.

32.) Fun Gain While Fighting– This mod allows sims to gain fun while fighting it also prevents any relationship change.

33.) No Relationship Decay– This mod prevents relationship decay it also prevents the messages below from popping up. “Sim 1 and Sim 2 are no longer best friends”
“Sim is no longer a family friend”

34.) Fun Gain While Hanging Out– This mod allows sims to gain fun while they are doing the talk hang out interaction;it also makes sims stop hanging out if they are hungry, uncomfortable, tired, or need to use the restroom.

35.) No BFF Spam– This mod prevents sims from getting bff memories after they have made 10 bff’s.

36.) Blow Bubbles Enabled for Older Sims– This mod allows teens, adults, young adults, & elders to blow bubbles.

37.) Darts Motive Stop– This mod prevents sims from playing darts/makes them stop playing darts if their fun is too high or their energy, hunger, bladder or body temp motives get too low.

38.) No Autonomous BFF Greet– This mod prevents sims from autonomously doing the BFF greet interaction.

39.) No Autonomous Dancing And/Or Smustling– Each mod curbs the autonomous behavior of dancing and/or smustling, but they still allow players to direct their Sims to dance or smustle.

40.) No Autonomous Socials Collection– This mod prevents all sims from autonomously doing the interactions listed: Fight Shove, Poke, Slap, Attack, Irritate Annoy, Insult
Play Red Hands, Punch U Punch Me, Rock Paper Scissors, Kicky Bag, Pillow Fight, Water Balloon Fight, Catch, Toss Football, Snowball Fight, Kiss Make Out, Appreciate Admire
Dance Together, Entertain Dirty Joke, Prank Water Balloon, VentriloFart, Joy Buzzer
Talk Hang Out

41) No Autonomous Greet– This mod prevents sims from autonomously doing the greet high five, earthy hug, fake out, kiss kiss darling, and tough handshake interactions.

42.) Playground Objects Enabled For Adults– This mod enables the playground objects for adults.

43.) Reputation Gain All Lots– This mod enables the Sims to gain good or bad reputations on all lots (both residential and community) by performing positive or negative interactions with other Sims, BUT it does not give large boosts or losses to the reputations like Squinge’s original mod did.

44.) No Autonomous Break Dance– This mod prevents the Sims from autonomously doing the break dance.

45.) Fun Gain While Chatting On The Phone– This mod allows sims to gain fun while using the interaction call chat from all phones.

46.) All Sims Walk Sexy– This mod makes all sims walk sexy when doing romance interactions like the romance sims do.

47.) No Autonomous Shop Collection– This mod prevents all sims from autonomously doing the interactions listed below while your shop is open.Fight Shove, Poke, Slap, Attack Irritate Annoy, Insult Play Red Hands, Punch U Punch Me, Rock Paper Scissors, Kicky Bag, Pillow Fight Kiss Make Out Appreciate Admire Dance Together Entertain Dirty Joke Prank Water Balloon, VentriloFart, Joy Buzzer Talk Hang Out

48.) Hang Out Fun– Lets Sims (children and up) have fun hanging out with other Sims. The rate at which Sims gain fun is roughly an hour or two.

49.) Imaginary Friend Doll Can Summon Social Bunny-This is Theraven’s custom version of Javiera’s 3t2 imaginary friend doll given a (nonautonomous) option to “summon friend” for sims with less than 50 social so they can summon a social bunny. It’s meant to be used alongside @rented-space‘s 3t2 imaginary friend social bunny default. Recolors not included, grab them from Theraven.

50.) Immaturity For More– Sims in the lower thresholds can still perform the immature actions of the higher thresholds (eg. ruin painting is available for sims with <= -10 aspiration, rather than aspiration between -20 and -10).

51.) “Just Be Friends” Social– As requested, a non-autonomous social available to teens-up towards sims if at least one of them has crush and/or love flags for the other but they aren’t going steady/married/engaged. They’ll perform the generic ask animations (also seen when sims ask each other if they want to play catch, for example) and then all crush/love flags between them get cleared.

52.) Call Anyone– Permits you to call (nearly) anyone in the neighborhood through the “Call…Sim” action on the phone/cell phone. Obviously doesn’t let you talk to babies or the dead and you probably don’t want to try calling Social Bunnies.

53.) Bigger Outings– This mod increases the number of sims in an outing group from 8 to 20.

54.) Personality Please– A mod that opens up the more extreme personality interactions and animations (usually only available to sims with 0-1 and 9-10 points in a certain personality) to more sims by changing the threshold to 0-2 and 8-10, respectively, and other fixes.

55.) More Realistic Relationship Decay– Any relationship that was left at over 95 in both short-term and long-term levels last time the sims interacted will maintain itself at that level while the two sims are not together and not speaking on the phone. Any interaction between them can change that level, up or down, in the normal way.

56.)More Useful Apologies– This replacement is reprogrammed so that when you instruct a sim to apologise, if the apology is accepted any “furious” state is wiped out, and their relationship is reset to just above zero, (or higher if they got on well before they became furious). Gives them a chance for a real fresh start. Apologize is not autonomous, so if you want your sims to fight it out to the end, just don’t tell them to apologize.

57.) No Autonomy Cheering– Applies only to Maxis original musical instruments on liveable lots. Stops sims cheering or jeering as the walk by, and they only watch when instructed by the player.

58.) No Autonomous Dollhouse Kicking– Self explanatory.


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