St Paul City

Family Position: Spare
Aspiration: Pleasure
Lifetime Want: Gamer Designer in the Gamer Career
Spouse: None
Parents: New York City & Victoria City
Siblings: Twin Sister Minneapolis, Younger Brother Dallas, Younger Sister Paris
Children: None at this time
Personality: Taurus
Neat: 5 Active: 5 Nice: 4
Outgoing: 7 Playful: 8
Money:4 Environment:5
Entertainment:7 Culture:0
Health:2 Fashion:8
Paranormal:5 Travel:6
Weather:7 Animals:5
Toys:2 Sci-Fi:10
Turn Ons: Jewelry & Creative
Turn Off: Fitness
Job: None
Skills: Cooking: 4 Mechanical: 2 Charisma: 5 Body: 8
Hobby: Cuisine: 5 Points. Science 4 points Games 3 Points
Friends: Marsha Brunig & Randy London
Affairs: None

-Page is technically an on going progress and in development until the death of St. Paul City-

My Personal Take On St Paul City:

Paul was always going to be a fun Sim to play with how career focused Minneapolis was going to be. St. Paul was pretty much destined to be a partier and quite the opposite of being a saint. My goal is for Paul to not be quite a Lothario with the ladies but he doesn’t want to settle down entirely despite wanting a girlfriend as a teenager. I have a whole story planned for this fella and I’m quite excited to share it with you guys. The cities themselves of St Paul and Minneapolis are 20 miles apart and I have a hard time seeing these two ever being too far apart from one another. That being said, lets break down Paul (the sim) personality some more.

He’s quite close with all his family members except of course Paris and like I mentioned on Minneapolis’s bio page, there’s currently an age gap between himself and his toddler sister Paris. I could see Paul and Paris becoming quite close as they get older simply because of how easy going nature Paul seems to be. Minnie is nicer but Paul is significantly more playful by 4 extra points and I can see Paul using those playful points by how he bonds with people. These points do seem to go with the Pleasure aspiration, which is all about the easy going nature of life, not to take things so seriously which again is double enforced by Paul’s sloppy side of being right in the middle of 5 neat points. He is neither lazy nor neat, just perfectly in the middle which I think works well for him being a Pleasure sim. It also fits with his Active side which again is 5, right in the middle like his neat side meaning he could go either way. Paul’s 7 outgoing points says he does enjoy going out on community lots, probably to gamble with 6 points in sports and 7 point sin entertainment which to me says he’s moderately competitive but also needs to be entertained at the same time. Because of this I can see Paul gambling a lot, he likes the risk and the thrill not for the sake of money which is only at 4 points. He does really enjoy work and school so I can see him attending University, just how good of a student he will be, who knows. He hasn’t rolled any wants for a job as a teenager thus far and I don’t think I will unless I see something that will influence the story line. The only expectation he knows that he has to keep are maintaining his grades which he has stayed on top of.

I think Paul is going to be a really smart Sim, especially with 10 points in Sci-Fi but is too lazy to ever reach his full potential. I think this will frustrate Minneapolis to no end and probably slightly disappoint his parents but will always be a little bit of a favorite in their eyes. I can see Paul as a possible secondary aspiration of Popularity or Grilled Cheese Sim as he gets older. I think he’s a bit vain about his appearance, which is why he wanted to join Paris when he found out she was dying her hair blonde and will struggle with his weight as he gets older because of his love for food.

Anyway, that’s all I have right now for St Paul City. Check back for further character development as it goes on up until Paul’s death