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I Love

I love the way you hold my hand
Our fingers intertwined,
Lightly caressing the other
In a playful dance

I love the way you look at me
It catches my breath every time.
You always look like your about to kiss me
And your smile always give away how you feel.

I love the way you laugh.
With your whole belly and all of your soul.
I love the sound of your voice,
It lifts me up from the saddest place

I love your words,
That tumble out of your mouth.
They calm my anxious heart
And make me want to share my darkest secrets

But most of all, it’s just you.
All of you, Every single part.
Even the parts I can’t explain.
Even the parts I don’t know.

You haven’t said these words to me,
Nor I to you, not quite yet.
It’s too soon
And not soon enough.

But when I think of you,
Which is quite a lot,
I can’t help but think of all the ways I already love you
And how one day you’ll say these words to me

Full Circle

FYI I don’t normally write two poems in a row so close to each other especially not when I’ve gone years without writing anything. I’m not sure what this means to me quite yet, I’ll figure it out later I just wanted to write it down. Maybe it’ll mean something to you.

Full Circle

The truth is scary because, it is honest.
Honesty is a mirror held to your face.
Your face is your reflection and
Your reflection is all of your imperfections
That are hidden inside all of your truths.