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Brandi’s Dream Episode 1: Pleasantview Machinima + CC Haul Feat BBKZ

Hey guys,

So I know I said I would be back back at the end of November and I had/have every intention of coming back but the truth is, writing makes me nervous. It’s always been very emotionally draining and I’ve been battling two sides of the same coin. I want to write, I feel good when I write but at the same time mentally putting aside time to do so gives me anxiety. So it’s just one of those things that needs to happen naturally, I will come back to writing and more when I’m ready.

The Celebrity Sim Challenge is also going to happen eventually as well but in the mean time I finally had the inspiration to finish a project that I started roughly around Jan of 2020, or this time last year. I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to film the video for a very long time.

In the beginning everyone was just going to be walking down a runway but I figured out quickly that was going to be very repetitive and monotonous with +300 outfits to go through from BBKZ specifically. I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to not only show the outfits so you could view the CC from different angles but be efficient with my time. At one point 12 outfits took up almost 5 minutes and that wasn’t going to do, so I shelved the project for awhile up until a couple weeks ago where I was randomly playing with camera angles in tab mode. I still very much want to learn more about camera angles so if anyone has any good resources or doesn’t mind talking to me about it I’d very much appreciate it! But because of playing with different camera angles, I was loosely able to put this first video together.

This particular series will be in 6 parts because again, 300 outfits is a lot, and I felt 50 at a time allows me to tell a story and show a decent amount of cc at the same time.

My plan for the moment is to showcase as much available maternity cc there is (it’s a lot more than I realized) from Alpha, MM, Male & Teenage Maternity. I chose Pleasantview because it’s familiar to a lot of us Sims Players for nostalgic reasons and it makes for a good story to go along side a CC Haul. Anyway, enough rambling, here is the series:

Brandi’s Dream: Episode 1

6-26 Update

Hey guys~!

So I wanted to post a little update what I’ve been working on. Yesterday, (happy official 6 months to Christmas btw) I finished the Love household bio’s and the Goth’s and also added Episode 8′s recap. I still have many, many, many more to add (over 50 in bio’s and over 100 in Episode’s) but that is okay~! It’s all about consistency and eventually I will catch up with both.

Since I’m writing this just before midnight before the next day, on the 27th, my goals for today/tomorrow is to complete the Broke’s and the Caliente bio’s, write up to Episode 15 of the recap and create July’s video upload schedule for you guys to follow. Of course I will always shoot for the stars and try to go beyond that but I don’t know what the day will hold. I have to edit a bunch of videos in the mean time for YouTube so that will probably take up a huge majority of my day and time. So you will probably see a lot of posts from here today and for that I am sorry, hopefully if you are subscribed you can pardon all the notifications for the next few weeks as I get everything caught up.

Thank you so much for coming here and the support and love, it means so much to me. If you’d like to help out, please watch my videos, subscribe, like and comment really goes a long way to YouTube boosting me in the algorithm. I know my original videos are cringe worthy and even my current ones need work but I love interacting with you guys and hearing how you feel the story development is going and how you yourself play the premade Pleasantview households. Never hesitate to link me to your work as well, I love viewing new Sims content.

Thank you so much guys and I’ll see you around~!

Sarah Smiles