This Fat Funny Life

Coming Soon

This Fat Funny Life is basically what the title suggestions the channel will be. I plan on sharing weekly videos in various forms of my life and interests.

Here’s what you can expect to find on this channel:

  • Travel Vlogs

I have high functioning anxiety and very much an introvert. I used to love and be very good at public speaking but over the years my anxiety has gotten worse. I’m hoping that by pushing myself to go out, explore and film what I see, that the severity will lessen and I will become more comfortable and confident.

  • Health

This includes mental and physical. I do not want to use the term weight loss because that is never going to be what my channel is about but, losing weight will be on the agenda. I’d like to film and showcase my relationship with food, have healthy discussions on mental health and even learning how to cook. If I am comfortable with it I’d like to explore filming exercise videos such as yoga.

  • Unboxing & Try ons

To say I love clothes is an understatement. I took a job specifically in apparel just so I could always have first pick of cute clothes in my size. I’m curious to explore unboxing content and haul videos in various forms.

  • Bullet Journaling

In my heart I am completely organized. But in practicality, I am very much not. I love bullet journals and want to show/see visual progress of where my life is going.

  • Random Challenges, Shenanigans, thoughts & opinions

I have a few video ideas that don’t fit into any of the categories listed above like, reading what I feel is my worst poetry ever and rating the 25 versions of songs with Sarah in the title. I’m heavily inspired by Jenna Marbles and might just want to create content that have no rhyme or reason and are utterly nonsense.