Victoria City

Family Position: Homemaker
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: To Reach Golden Anniversary
Spouse: New York City
Parents: None/Founder
Siblings: None
#1 & 2 Twins: Minneapolis City & St Paul City
#3. Dallas City
#4. Paris City
Neat: 9 Active: 5 Nice: 6
Outgoing: 2 Playful: 3
Money:4 Environment:6
Entertainment:10 Culture:5
Health:4 Fashion:5
Paranormal:2 Travel:3
Weather:8 Animals:4
Toys:4 Sci-Fi:4
Turn Ons: Brunettes and Hardworkers
Turn Off: Werewolves
Job: Homemaker/None
Skills: Cooking 9: Mechanical: 2 Body 2: Logic: 2
Hobby: Cooking w/9 Points & 2 Points in Games
Friends: None except only her family. Knows Melissa Fancy & headmaster BJ Ryan both w/a relationship of around in the low to mid 20’s.
Affairs: None

-Page is technically an on going progress and in development until the death of Victoria City-

My Personal Take On Victoria City:

What to say about Victoria. I named her after the city in Canada and thought a Family aspiration would best fit the city. Victoria is internationally known as the city of Gardens and gardening was a hobby I was hoping Victoria (the sim) would want to either have or get into. Random fact, my mother is named after a woman very distantly related who also had the nickname De Jardins in her name. So it was a very subtle but distinct Easter egg I was throwing in about myself into the story. Unfortunately while Victoria City (the sim) did eventually roll wants to buy a garden plot and orchid tree, she has not really rolled any skill badge related wants or gardening nature wants in general. Her main hobby interest is Cuisine which is fine since she does have 10 points of interest in that the most to the 6 points in the Environment.

I intentionally made her different looks wise from her husband New York with light blonde hair for a lighter more wholesome appearance. I really enjoyed the idea of these two young adults starting off into the world with little to no clue on what they were doing and had zero life skills and yet determined through it all to make it work. I love how shy Victoria is with only 2 outgoing points to her husbands 8 points. Because of this, I haven’t made Victoria leave the house very often unless she has to, for instance to buy groceries or her children beg her to take her to the park. The one time she took her children to the park, the met Melissa Fancy and did roll a few different times to become friends with her but life got to be too busy to make any time for this to happen so the only friends Victoria has at the moment are her own family. Seeing as Victoria doesn’t have any wants concerning becoming friends with anyone or meeting anyone new, I am okay with this for the time being. She doesn’t even seem to enjoy talking to the Headmaster all that much when her hand has been forced.

I love Victoria in the sense that you can always tell that she is trying to do her best even if it doesn’t always work out, take her many failed attempts at cooking. She sets these high standards for herself and wants the best for her children. I’m very interested to see how she’ll develop as the children get older and start to not only move out but start lives of their own. She’s had her identity tied into being a mother and homemaker her entire life, what will it be like when there aren’t any more children at home?

That’s all I have right now for Victoria City. Check back for further character development as it goes on up until Victoria’s death