Hey there! If you are looking for any videos I created in 2018 to 2020, I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t happy with any of the content I created and decided to delete my channel. That being said however, I never felt like I would leave YouTube for good/forever and said I might come back once I took a much needed hiatus. I am slowly but surely making my way back into video editing and creating new content.

Below you can find links to my current content and you can always check out my About Page on what to expect and my Upload Schedule for any planned videos.

My YouTube Channels:

Sarah Smiles

This channel is everything about The Sims. My last YouTube Channel was about only the Sims 2 but I’ve decided to at some point include all Sims content. Click on the text Sarah Smiles above to read more about this channel.

Coming Soon:

This Fat Funny Life

This channel will be about my life. It primarily includes vlogs but click the text This Fat Funny Life to read more about this future YouTube Channel

PDX Funny Girl

This channel will be a general gaming channel. Click the text PDX Funny Girl to read more about this future YouTube Channel