Hi there, welcome to my home SarahSmiles/ThisFatFunnyLife

I will eventually get one name for the site but I used to have a YouTube channel and it was originally called This Fat Funny Life for roughly about nine to ten months before switching the name over to Sarah Smiles. I made the change because I noticed when I liked to participate in friends or other people’s live streams as a viewer, people would get uncomfortable saying my channel name. Sarah Smiles is a song I grew up with for my entire life from Hall and Oats to Panic and the Disco to literally 25 other versions of my name. It was cute, catchy and searchable and seemed to make people happy so I went with that.

My WordPress blog of This Fat Funny Life did come first before I even opened up a YouTube Channel and it was something I wanted to represent my life of anything and everything that I was interested in. That still stands true to this day and what this website will always be about.

Click on the links above to browse what your also interested in and check out the Updates to see what’s currently been shared here. I really do hope you enjoy my little corner of the web and hope to see you around. Until next time


Sarah Smiles