You hate me because
You think I’m beautiful
And you want the things
You think I have

You love it when
I share unflattering photos
So you can pick me apart
To make yourself feel better.

But I just want you to know,
I don’t hate you.
You are you
And I am me.

Even though you don’t see it,
Even though you can’t feel it,
At least you struggle to.
You are perfect just as you are.

So please don’t envy me.
Or want the things you wish you had.
Love the you
That’s already you

I wrote this about someone but I also at the same time wrote it very much for me. I’ve envied but I’ve also been envied. I wrote this for every time I’ve looked at another woman and wished I had what she had.

An example was a waitress last month had the most incredible thighs and that might be a really weird thing to want but I was obsessed. Till I made myself just stop and say I have so many great features and my thighs are my thighs.

It’s so hard to appreciate what’s right in front of you.

So I hope this helps whoever out there to just love yourself simply as you are.

One comment

  • Nice 👍 woman are far more powerful together when they choose compassion for each other over hatred

    I know a guy that cheats on his woman but his whole goal is to pit them against each other. He’s an example of what’s wrong with the world. His ideal is the hope and intention of making woman jealous of each other. Knowing thy are weaker that way


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