Children and Teen Mods

Children Mods

1.) Bed Wetting– Love this. Gives children who have either low aspiration or were not potty trained to receive a memory of wetting the bed. Can go to teenagers too if they wet the bed as a child.
2.) Children can get bottles for their siblings. The mod itself only works on Maxis made fridges
3.) Curb All Auto Read To– Your Sims won’t try to self read to children or toddlers unless you instruct them to do so.
4.) Be nice to teddy– this a mod that removes the “Slam” animation from the random set of animations used when a child or toddler plays with any of the teddy bears. So now your little kiddies won’t seem to have such violent tenancies!! This updates the semi-global animations used and will also apply to any custom content teddy bears.
5.) Toy Mod– This mod makes it so that sims increase their skills while playing with toys and while being read a book. The rate of skill gain is pretty slow.
6.) Children Say Goodbye-Allows children to say goodbye to guests.
7.) Kid Collection Fix– Fixes bugs causing nighttime walkbys to invite themselves into your home.
8.) No Hyperactive Children– Children will no longer be in run mode after aging up from toddler.
9.) Children Less jumping on beds– This mod reduces the energy & comfort drain for children while they are jumping on beds it also increases the fun gain and has motive stop to prevent them from jumping on the bed all day.
10.) Watch Kids Enabled For All Houses– This mod allows sims to ask their friends to watch their kids on all home lots.
11.) No Kids In Double Beds Patch– This affects all double beds in the game and prevents younger children from sleeping in them.

Teen Mods

1.) Prom + After School Activity– Another new variety that you can give to your sim. Now your teen sim can experience prom and do after school activity
2.) Less Zits– This is a global mod that lowers the hygiene threshold below which zits could appear. In original coding Sim teens are at risk of getting zits if their hygiene drops below 75%, so less than 3/4 full hygiene bar. There are two variations on offer.
3.) Runaway Skills– Runaway teens no longer get their skills randomized, potentially lowering high skill levels. Instead they slowly build skills during the time away from the house. Teens will get 1/20 of a random skill point every hour they are gone. This averages a total of 1.2 skill points per day, though it may not be immediately visible since these points are divided among multiple skills.
4.) Visiting Children & Teens Stay Later– This mod allows visiting children to stay until 12 am & teens to stay until 2 am.
5.) Find Roommate Enabled For Teens– This mod allows teens to find roommmates via the news paper, computer, and phone.
6.) Single living teens can Go out / Sneak out– This small hack enables single living teens to Go out (available from 6pm to 10 pm) and to Sneak out (available from 10pm to 12am).
7.) Teenagers May Adopt Babies, Toddlers & Children–  With this hack, teenagers may now adopt babies, toddlers & children. It does not matter if the teenager lives with his/her parents or alone; the adoption will work in any case. The hack aims at those players who do not have a teen pregnancy hack like InTeenimater installed. If you already have such a hack that allows teenagers to get pregnant, you do not need this hack
8.) Extracted Inteen Risky Sneak/Go Out– Makes it so sneak/go out sometimes results in a pregnancy between the two sims who snuck/went out together. By default it’s 25% for sneak, 10% for go, but you can increase/decrease this (or set one to zero if you only want risky sneak out or risky go out). Useless without some mod(s) supporting teen conception and pregnancy: wildchild, RCC + CJH’s pregnancy controller, etc.
9.) Extracted Inteen Risky Runaway– Teens who run away may return home pregnant by an attractive stranger or a close friend with whom they are either romantically involved or physically attracted to. Selection of the “father” and odds of becoming pregnant are weighted by relationship scores, chemistry/attraction, lifetime aspiration, gender preference, fertility, living environment, and chance.
10.) Independent Teens-With this mod 7 days before their birthday a notification will pop-up saying your teen sim has graduated and is now independent, the game will recognize them as adults. If you typically wait until the game forces your sim to age up instead of directing them to age up some time in the 24 hours between getting the notification and then… well, that doesn’t really work if you’ve got independent teens, because they’ll skip straight to elder. In fact, this mod is ideally meant for people who typically have their sims age up ASAP or at least the same night they get the “1 day until birthday” notification, because otherwise the independent teen will be pushed to go to school the next morning.